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6 Things That Make A Woman More Attractive To A Man

Every man has his own special qualities that make a woman want to be around him. Some may be attracted to her because of her looks, while others may prefer her because of her personality.

Here are six things that make women more appealing to a male partner.

Intelligence is the ability to reason.

Intelligent women can sometimes pique the interest of males. Most men value and desire women who are well-versed in a wide range of subjects.

2. Transparency.

Almost of women are attracted to guys because of their honesty. Men appreciate honest women, therefore the more you are, the more chances you have of attracting their attention.

3. Self-assurance.

Men admire self-assured ladies because they don't joke about with them. Confidence is important since it can help you attract a man's attention regardless of your flaws. Men favor self-assured women.

Good manners are a must in today's society.

It doesn't matter how beautiful you are if you have bad manners or a bad character. It won't get you anywhere.

Men are looking for a woman with high character, etiquette, and public demeanor.

Beauty that comes from within.

Almost all males are drawn to attractive women. Before anything else, a guy is drawn to a woman because of her physical attractiveness. a woman who is at ease with her own skin; a confident woman Men are drawn to attractive women for the same reasons that women are.

The sixth step is to put on a happy face.

Men are drawn to women who are always smiling or seem happy. Seeing you as a pleasant woman encourages them to strike up a discussion. If you're a lady who doesn't frown nearly all the time, you'll probably scare most men away.

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