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Who said marriage needs thousands of rands?

Society has set a standard for marriage that has left a lot of people considering not even getting married anymore. People have the mindset that for people to get married there has to be a huge ceremony and spend a lot of money of things such as catering tents and so forth.

Getting married today is perceived as a ceremony that has to happen with planning and hosting a huge ceremony to make it happen.

Well, there is a couple that has proven that marriage does not require intense spending and extreme spending, just to please the people of their community or society. The couple went to Home Affairs to tie the knot.

Getting married at a home affairs is one of the cheapest ways to get married to the one that you love. Getting married at Home Affairs is said to cost around R70 if that is not cheap then I do not know what is cheap anymore.

Most people take out a loan to get married so that they can pay for all the expenses that come with the preparations of a wedding ceremony. A dress and a suit cost a lot of money, usually, a wedding dress costs around R10 000 or more, and that is not cheap at all.

So this couple probably saved themselves the hustle of getting married through the ceremonial process, but one of the best things that getting married at Home Affairs is that you do not have to worry about repaying the debts that come after the marriage is done.

Well, now we know that not having to pay thousands for marriage is not a bad thing, and we need to make it a norm that getting married at Home Affairs is not necessarily a bad thing, we need to stop trying to impress people and impress ourselves.

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