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Guys; If you want peaceful relationship you should avoid dating these 9 types of ladies. [OPINION]

You should use caution when dating the following categories of women:

1. Braggart:

The one who is always talking about herself and telling you that she can make any guy fall at her feet but that you have no choice but to be with her despite the fact that she can make any guy fall at her feet. I can assure you that she will continue to put you down by claiming that you aren't good enough to deserve her.

2. The type of woman who doesn't respect your job: 

Steer clear of the lady who doesn't appreciate your passions or the work you have to perform to make a livelihood, regardless of how much you despise it. One day, she will put you in the position of having to choose between her and your career.

3. Always surrounded by make friends:

The one who wants to be around all the time by her male buddies but loses her cool once she sees you chatting with one of your female friends.

4. The queens of drama:

She is an actress who lives in the audience's perceptions, just like an actress does on stage. As a direct result of this, her existence is fraught with tremendous unpredictability. It makes her happy when others treat her the way that she would like to be treated. If they don't, she will be very angry. But her anger is typically directed outside rather than inside, and it manifests itself as acts of war. The drama queen is in reality perpetually at odds with other people or making plans for future conflict. She is a nasty person who spreads rumors.

5. Insecure:

Girls who lack self-confidence pose a greater threat than vipers. Regardless of how devoted you are to them, they will never stop trying to breach your personal space in any way possible. I find it endearing that you are insecure on some way. But once it goes over that threshold, your life will become a living misery.

6. Liars:

There is no need for me to say anything further about it. My philosophy has always been that a bitter truth is a million times more preferable to a beautiful falsehood. In my opinion, they are not deserving of a second opportunity at all. Again, this is a matter of individual perspective, so please refrain from attacking me here.

7. Show off:

Girls who are constantly trying to outdo one another often end up with shattered romantic relationships. Because people of the other gender are drawn to the materialistic goods you own, and when they discover it was all an illusion you conjured up, they get disappointed.

8. Flakes, liars, and cheaters: 

First appearing in seemingly insignificant ways include irresponsibility, manipulation, dishonesty, and a readiness to inconvenience or damage other people. It may begin with something as simple as not repaying a debt or consistently arriving late to events with no sufficient explanation. Then there are the stray pieces of the truth that one discovers jumbled up here and there. These are the times when she thought it would be best to put the old blinders on you so that she could guide you in the direction that she believed you should travel.

9. Social media freak:

She believes that if she does not reveal everything she consumes and excretes, the world would come to an end. She will even write about getting intimate with you while tagging 69 other people in the post. She is required to post a new selfie on a regular basis on social media in order to maintain her high number of followers, as well as her high number of likes, comments, and other forms

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