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“God Should Have Taken Me And Let Her Live”- Young Boy Left Hearts Broken After Posting This

Out of all the pains that one can go through, what cuts the most is the pain of death. especially when you lose someone who is too close to you. It hurts so badly, and that is one of the reasons why some people end up committing suicide just after knowing that someone they love has passed away. It hurts even more when you lose a partner You have planned a future together with. You feel like all your dreams have been taken away and you are left alone in the world.



Recently, there’s a very heartbreaking story of a typing boy who left many people in tears after he penned down a sad message to his partner who passed away. He had planned to live happily ever after with his girlfriend, but suddenly passed away. It was unfortunate that he didn’t mention the cause of death. He’s just written a very deep message explaining how they met and how his heart is broken. The most touching part of his message was when he said God should have taken him instead of her. See the message he wrote on the screenshots below:




After this was posted on Facebook, many people were left in tears. Even people who didn’t know this love story were touched to see a boy having to deal with this at his age. Congratulations have been pouring in for him and people are advising him to see a mental health specialist because what he’s going through might harm his life. Some are even saying that those who stay around his place should check on him because he might have suicidal thoughts.



Losing a lover is very painful, and it must be hard for this young man because he’s still young. May God give him strength to cope with the situation and to take care of the baby. Have you ever lost a lover to death? Please tell us about your experience in the comments below and also tell us what helped you heal so that other people can take tips.


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