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Husband and wife relationship

He has a wife but prefers to wear woman clothes: check his beautiful pictures.

Mark Bryan is a 61-year-old man that has a wife, and they have been happily married for more than 10 years.

Growing up we used to think that a doll is for girls and a robot is for boys, but now we are living in times when people don't mind buying their kids any toy as long as it makes them happy.

People are allowed to become anything that they want in life, these days we have woman that is pilots and man that is a hairstylist and the is nothing wrong with that.

But it looks like Mark is challenging these toys, he is a robot engineer by profession, and has a wife.

When he is free he loves to wear women's clothes like skates, shoes, and more and people think that skates look good on him, and if he is happy with them then why not.

Mark makes sure that every skate that he wears has a bold fashion statement behind it.

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Mark Mark Bryan


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