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OPINION: Another couple ready to co-parenting

Simphiwe Ngema looks forward to the next journey of her relationship with Tino Chinyani: co-parenting their little boy.

So it is true when they say it is easy to find love but to remain in love is a difficult task. If you date for money and beauty then your relationship wont last, ask Khanyi Mbau's exboyfriends. Stop dating for money and beauty that relationship won’t last but date for intelligent brain you could go far and you gonna build a beautiful family. 

She actually loved him and invested in the relationship more than he was. Most of their pictures together she’s so emotional and he’s just modelling. We observed that the couple was focusing more on the public approval rather than building their own stable and content relationship. We knew every step within their love life journey.

A normally thinking woman would know that a Male Model of that age does not settle down for a "family vibes" they make as many kids as they can with stable women, while they persue thier careers. Simphiwe will be part of his chain of baby mamas, for him its prestige that he scored a famous actress.

After this there will be scandal we always tell girls to, never rush into making kids before knowing their partner. Divorce and break ups depress children.

Man would literally mash your grated heart. I'm just glad he did not kill her, seeing how other relationships ends, we salute those who separate without shedding blood.

Love is great when you have someone to love you dearly. Unfortunately the only baby daddy that marries and stick together is in "Skeem Sam". The rest we are statistics. The way our generation is normalising that it's okay for kids to grow without both parents, is very bad and depressing to the children, as they grow up.

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Simphiwe Ngema


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