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Divorce Affair

She shared some sensitive info about a man cheating that got people fuming

People need to understand that not everything they see or hear must be shared on social media. Yes, people cheat and everyone knows that but no one has the right to speak about people's business, people's businesses in public that you don't even know personally.

People on social media are not scared to be sued, you can't be going around making people's business your business a little thing can ruin a marriage. Imagine someone finding out that their partner is cheating on them on social media, worse through someone they don't know they have never met. Sometimes it's good to let people find out their things in their way.

A lady by the name of Lerato on Twitter was dragged after posting some sensitive information about someone's husband on social media exposing him of cheating below is what the lady shared that got people fuming. As they feel that she had no right to do what she did, as this might break someone's marriage.

This is not right because this information is personal and it was shared in a public place this lady probably meant well but someone's marriage is probably on the line because she thought she was doing the right thing, in the name of we are fixing the country by exposing men for cheating. What will happen if this is seen by his kids or the family of the lady, this is wrong.

What this guy did was wrong, but what this lady did was even wrong by posting this on social media, this matter doesn't only affect the guy but it also affects his family, and his kids if he has them.

Some people never learn that you don't mingle in other people's business, what will happen if this guy finds out what this lady did what will happen, what if he decides to sue her because she shared some sensitive information about this guy, without this guy's knowledge.

This needs to stop such things can put people's lives in danger, even her she is not safe something might happen to her after what she did who knows what this guy is thinking right now. Let us learn to mind our business people, and stay out of other people's business.

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