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" Black women are not worthy of me, I don't find them attractive" South African Celeb Says

Controversial opinions are the types of opinions that people have that are different from what the rest of society thinks. Most of the time, these opinions are the types that cause arguments amongst people, which end up leading to some type of conflict. Having an opinion or view that is different from others is a normal thing, but those opinions or views should not be the types that are negative towards other people, because those types of opinions are the ones that create problematic individuals in society and those who are in support of such controversial opinions give the person a platform to say them proudly.

In South Africa, there are celebrities who have had their own fair share of controversial opinions, but they are those ones who, no matter how many times they are being called out for their problematic and controversial opinions, continue to stick to them. Like the likes of Nota Baloyi, who is a former music producer and used to work with the likes of well-known rapper Kwesta, Things have not been going well for the music producer, or so it seems because of how he is acting out on social media and also the things that he says on his podcast, and every single day when he posts on social media, people start to think that there might be something mentally wrong with him.

And this is something that his former wife, Berita, exposed about him. Now that his controversies have impacted his marriage and his wife has left him, he appears to be hurt and lashing out on social media at women, primarily Black women. Nota shared another one of his controversial opinions, and this time he shared his dislike for black women. Nota said that he does not find black South African women attractive, and that there is not one worthy of him at all.

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