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'This Is What A Woman Has Done To The Laptops, Sneakers & Clothes Of A Man

A man has poured onto social media to complain about this emotional abuse that he's going through at the hands of the girlfriend, it seems like she has destroyed his computers as well as his sneakers making it their impossible for him to go to work because his clothes have been destroyed.

His computer has also been destroyed now he is in a tough situation of having to prove to the boss that these things were not deliberate and it'll be hard for the boss to understand how a very expensive computer has been destroyed by this girl.

She is spiteful now of course many members of the public want to sympathize with this man because they know that anything can happen in a relationship, and that includes the kind of battles that couples go through.

Many people experience these kinds of things a lot and it is not the first time we have seen something like this happening in our Society, the only problem is that this gentleman has went to the police station but it seems like the police are not willing to help him.

In fact they were laughing at him for coming to the police station trying to report a woman, they were allegedly calling him names and basically laughing about his predicament.

But it is not funny because we have seen many cases like this where men have actually taken steps to stoop to the level of women and it really turned badly for the girl, because men are much more stronger and they are in no way to be compared to women.

Many women have resorted to name-calling, psychological or emotional abuse on men to exert some kimd of punoshment against him, if the man had done the same thing he would have been in deeper trouble than the woman.

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