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If you're a man, you should try to avoid these common mistakes in intimate interactions.

Strangely, nobody speaks up through the entire demonstration. You may think that's fine, but your significant other will feel betrayed. Consequently, she starts to doubt whether or not she is, in fact, having a good time. Despite the fact that you shouldn't overstate your feelings, it's still important to let your friend know how much she means to you.

Fast-paced action.

Perhaps the most well-known mistake guys make in relationships is to rush things, both sexually and in other intimate contexts.

Most men make time for physical intimacy, but women need much more time to "get in that state of mind." The first step toward intimacy is taken long before you even enter the bedroom.

Using the same method over and over.

Expecting successful approaches with women to yield the same results a second time is another common mistake.

Since the chemical levels in a woman's body fluctuate depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle, the area of her body that is most sexually attractive one month may be her leg the next.

It's okay if you make a few mistakes in bed, but nothing beats the willingness to make amends in order to please your partner.

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