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Divorce Affair

Wise man suspects wife of cheating, & does this on her phone. See the WhatsApp chats below.

It might be difficult for men who have trust difficulties to believe that their wives are not cheating on them, especially if they have married attractive women.

It is their responsibility to keep a careful check on her at all times to ensure she does not betray them in any manner. It is their responsibility to listen in on her phone talks and follow her activities about the house to ensure she is not cheating.

In a Facebook post, writer and journalist Gwen Divy Ifeson posted a hilarious phone conversation between her suspicious husband and a male friend. The chat took place over the woman's phone as the other person tried to find out if her wife was cheating on him.

Take a look at the WhatsApp Chats below:

The fact that every beautiful woman, no matter where she is or what she is doing, merits everyday approaches from men should be recognized by all males. In order to have a successful marriage, you must first acknowledge this reality, have trust in your wife's honesty, and then move on with your lives as a married couple.

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