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Ladies, signs that he is not in love with you

Today we're going to look at the signs that he no longer loves you. If, despite all your best efforts, you find that your relationship is no longer what it used to be and that you no longer care about him or her, it is time to reevaluate.


He hasn't spoken to you as usual lately. It's like a retreat. He won't send you messages or reply to your messages, and when he does, he'll respond with just one word: "Very good."

Are you facing this situation or something? You may feel like the man is pushing you away and doesn't want to be with you anymore, even if he doesn't quite say it. You may notice changes in it and be unable to explain them.

1. Lack of communication

This is probably one of the most painful signs that he is no longer in love with you. Communication is key in any relationship and it is more likely to break up if it is absent or ineffective. M in is effective in the sense that he doesn't ignore you, but simply loses interest in the conversation he once had. Note that this includes verbal and non-verbal communication. If you notice this for a long time even after trying to resolve it, you may find that his feelings may have changed.

2. Unnecessary excuses to avoid you

Usually you want to be together all the time, but these days he goes crazy with every breath and doesn't talk about socializing. Girl, it's definitely a bad omen.

And if you find that even though you are in the same house, you cannot meet, you should know that this is not a coincidence. Maybe he's just giving you an indirect signal that he wants to go out. Sometimes, to avoid being with you, he will make unnecessary apologies or do something that in most cases you can see clearly. This is one of the most subtle signs that he no longer loves you.

3. Be careful

For example; He apologizes for the call, doesn't allow you to reach his phone as usual, tilts his phone so that you won't see his messages if you sit next to him and leave without telling you where he is and when he asks You: "Where are" you? "

The man who loves you tells you most things and does not hide anything from you, but if he does not and no longer loves you, he does not feel obliged to do so. You have no right to ask him In his opinion, his feelings towards you and the time you spent together are a thing of the past. This is definitely a bad sign and you should take it seriously.

4. Anger for no particular reason

Your husband may always be a patient friend, always with people and more with you, but all of a sudden you notice that he gets angry and yells at you for everything you do and sometimes he pretends not to get mad from your pressure will.

His tolerance level is decreasing moment by moment and he always does things just because he thinks you are making him angry. He will likely try to get out of this relationship and give you every reason to.

5. He pays little or no attention to you.

Another sign that he no longer loves you is that he doesn't want to be involved in your life. When you want to talk to him he says he's busy and when he does he doesn't even pay attention to you. He averts his eyes from you and may answer his phone while you "walk around and run around".

He or she may no longer ask you how your day went, how you are feeling, or even take you to an appointment. He prioritizes the little things about you and says no to any suggestions you make to revive his feelings for you.

Another thing is that he was strangely calm when you knew you were doing something that made him angry. This can be tricky. He may be angry and waiting for the perfect moment to explode, or he may be completely disinterested in what you are doing.

6. Your boyfriend is no longer trying to be in a relationship


This was a long-term one-way relationship.

You know what?

You feel tired, upset, and weak at the same time. Their relationship is clearly on the brink, but he's not doing anything about it.

Also, he hasn't started the last couple of dates (or longer) and isn't working on reaching out to you.

There is no longer a connection between the two of you and nothing can motivate him to invest his time in this relationship.

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