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4 Reasons Why Handsome Guys Are Always Single

Research has shown that most handsome guys, especially in Africa, have been left alone and shunned by women. It's surprising to know that despite their level of cuteness and elegance, many women still categorically refuse their relationship proposal. Well, the reason for this is not far-fetched as it can be attributed to many factors. Here are a few of them.

1. Most women see them as cheaters and womanizers.

It is a common notion and a belief held by most women that guys who are extremely good looking are cheaters and have the womanizer attitude. The reason for this claim may be related to the fact that these handsome hunks sometimes take advantage of their stunning looks to attract the ladies to themselves which automatically gives them the advantage of having different ladies at their disposal.

2. Many women might think they have already been taken.

Based on the charisma and stunning appearance they possess; many women choose to believe that guys of this nature have been taken by other women before. It is a common perception among Africans that an adult who is considered handsome or handsome must have someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship.

3. Most women think that handsome guys are naturally proud.

This can sometimes be true, but not in all cases. Most women believe that every man who appears to be gorgeous and handsome should have an element of pride in him. In the opinion of most women, they claim that a man's good looks puts him in a good state, which could automatically engender a sense of pride - knowing full well that he can easily attract women to him at all. moment.

4. Most women don't trust them.

Pretty similar to the first point - most women avoid being in a romantic relationship with a handsome guy because they think he might have other women in his life. It is an instinctive feeling of most women whenever they see a handsome or attractive man.

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