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Falling in love with your best friend without being aware

Somethings works mysteriously when it comes to falling in love. Some fall in love without an acknowledgement that they might fall in love. But as they feel such emotions they act and follow, only few knows and feels how bad it will be. Then they reject the moment and until they've overcome their painstakingly. So as such they start afresh to follow the basic role of falling in love again, now but that time in the modesty way.

Whats funnier is when finding yourself having feelings at your closest male friend. The person you've shared your emotions with and without being judged. And in that structure you've built getting to know that ever since, you where raising and passing strong feelings. To some when you share thsoe words of feelings, they basically avoid you because they feel like your betraying their friendship.

Luckily not everyone will get to reject your confession towards how you feel. And it's wonderful when your best friend do feels the very same way and end up telling the very same words with you. To some they reject the statement and even get away from listening to you. So falling in love or having feelings for a close friend is very tough. And such road never get to last because ladies are the ones who proclaim and tells the guys how they feel first.

It becomes hurtful when you grew such hestorious feelings and find out that his not feeling the same. Such pain is going to be hard to handle because after such secrecy when it's out you won't be able to live with that. Commonly

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