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Love has no age limit, a 61 year old woman engaged her 24 year old boyfriend

Love has has no limit, people limit themselves because of the judgments made by the people surrounding them. If your heart tells you to go for it, do it because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

Anonymous report posted on Twitter about the engagement of the couple.

Life is too short to be minding other people's voices on the choices you decide to make, if you choose to do different from others. You shouldn't be judged.

Here's a couple that just recently engaged the woman is 61 years of age and the guy is 24 year old. There's no one who will stop them from getting married, with their huge age gap in between them.

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain they are both from Roma, Georgia united states. They have proven that love knows no age.

The young man will be told that his in it for her money but that will never be proven by anyone, people should judge other people's actions.

The couple will probably get married even with all the accusations, that his in it for the money and what he is doing is just a side hustle.

There's a country in the world that had experience this kind of behavior but it does not mean everyone is doing it. People should be given a chance to prove themselves otherwise.

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