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Zodwa Wabantu Caused A Stir After Saying This About Some Women Others Got Offended

Zodwa Wabantu caused a stir on media after saying that many women love drinking champagne for the wrong reason. She says that you are supposed to drink champagne maybe when you are celebrating something or sealing a deal not just to drink champagne as if you're drinking alcohol. He was even planting with her new weave which many people found attractive and they complimented. People were laughing and saying that she likes coming at people and she is such a fun person to follow. Zodwa Wabantu is such a cool and open person even if you are seeing her for the first time on media you can just tell that this person is vibrant and has a free spirit.

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She might be doing bad stuff according to other people but he is such a motivation in a way that she is herself and does not allow anyone to bring her down. She embraces what she does and who she is without letting anyone's opinion weigh her down.

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Zodwa Wabantu


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