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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Transperency between couples

Long distance relationship can be a real hustle. .

Anything can be a trigger to make the relationship between the couple end just like that. Temptation are all over the place.

Here are two people who are in a long distance relationship. They seem to have same understanding and do seem to agree about dating other people, until they meet again.

Most of us will never agree on such conditions, let alone even talk about it. Long distance relationship is a real test of emotions and trust.

This couple shows if you really want to be able to get your relationship going for the long run. There are sacrifice that need to be made.

There are many reasons why people can be apart. As we know life it's self has a different ideas for all of us. Some situations just forces you to move to another place and leave those you love behind

Loneliness can strike at any moment. Situat ion such as rainy weather. Seeing couple's kissing and holding each other. Hearing a love song which reminds you of your lover. Even the smell of a perfume can make one be lonely. Would be nice if the person you love was closer. So that you can remove the loneliness.

Long distance relationship can work. There must be transparency and honesty.

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