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SAD: Boyfriend becomes bestman at girlfriends wedding that he dated for 5 years and this happened


Boyfriend serves as best man at the wedding of a lady he dated for five years.

This is a brief story about a boyfriend who was made best man at the wedding of a girl or woman he had been dating for around 5 years. It's a little painful, but you never know; the world we live in is full of unpleasant shocks and happenings.

After high school, this guy who later became a best man met this girl, they became friends, and then their relationship progressed to the point where they were lovers. Despite the fact that the boyfriend was not wealthy, their relationship progressed smoothly and showed no symptoms of weakness or breakup at any point in time, the unimaginable occurred.

When he received an invitation from his closest buddy to be his best man at his wedding, he accepted it while still in a relationship with his fiancée. He informed the lady, and she agreed to accompany him as a nice girlfriend.

This guy attempted to phone his girlfriend three days before the wedding to remind her of what was coming up but was unable to do so. He didn't know where she resided either, so his only choice was to keep calling her phone number, which he did, but to no effect.

He had to go and fulfill his best man role without his sweetheart present on the big day. He was the best man at the wedding, as he was at every other wedding. They were in front of the guests who were waiting for the bride. He got a sense but believed it wouldn't be feasible until the bride walked through the church doors.

She got closer and closer, but he was still skeptical because her face was hidden under a veil. She was revealed, and this guy discovered it was the same female he'd been dating for the last five years. They hadn't split up yet, but that was the way his girlfriend treated him.

He had to keep all of his emotions to himself and swallow them since it was his friend's special day and he didn't want to ruin it. As best man, he had to attend the wedding of the lady he had been courting. This is how heartless some ladies can be at times. Let’s be vigilant and choose whoever we start something with wisely.

Instead of causing drama, the poor boyfriend made sure that the wedding was a success. What do you think about what he did? What is your take on all of this?


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