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Divorce Affair

Top Class African Pastors Whose Marriage Ended In Divorce

Marriage is a serious business, which explains why some people fail in their marriages while others have happy and fulfilling relationships with their partners. Making a commitment can be intimidating for some people because they are worried about getting married and having a child with someone else.

Anyone's marriage can end at any time, regardless of whether or not the individual is a celebrity, a president, or even a church minister. Like celebrities, some men of God have had failed marriages, and the following list includes three prominent Nigerian pastors who resorted to divorcing their wives after only a few years of marriage. We will discuss the reasons for these separations with you.

Chris Oyakhilome. 

After 25 years of marriage to Anita Ethodagbe, the founder of Loveworld Ministry, also known as Christ Embassy, filed for divorce in 2016 after 25 years of marriage. The fact that so many people were caught off guard when the news broke was a pleasant surprise to many.

Anita filed for divorce, citing adultery as well as her husband's unreasonable behavior as the reasons for her decision.

Chris Okotie

He is the founder of the Household of God Church International Ministries, which is based in the United Kingdom. His first marriage to Tyna ended in divorce, and Okotie went on to marry Stephanie Henshaw, who became his second wife. Stephen's marriage to Stephanie has been going on since 2008. In their glamorous marriage, Okotie referred to his second wife as the most beautiful woman on the planet, and she was right. But in 2012, the marriage came to an end because of "irreconcilable differences," as the pastor put it.

Joshua Iginla 

Earlier this year, Joshua Iginla of Champions Royal Assembly Church filed for divorce from his wife, citing infidelity as the primary reason for the split. Aside from confessing to having cheated on his wife, the clergyman asserted that his wife was the one who initiated the act of infidelity.


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