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She wants to find happiness in our expense - She Got men angry for by making these demands on them

It is in men's nature to always seek for permission before they decide when to meet their loved ones. This is because they believe that women have plans of their own too, so the implication of asking before making a decision is to make sure that you do not interfere with their schedule.

However, there is a lady who does not like the fact that a man has to ask, "When am I seeing you?" She believes that a man has to make a plan, and he is the one who needs to make things happen. She says a man has to make dinner reservations, book her a flight, and randomly text, "I am outside." She needs him to set up spa appointments and organise picnics. She says there is nothing that annoys her more than a man who asks, "When am I seeing you?"

This tweet did not dwell well with the men who were reading it, which is why one of them started making the conclusion that this girl who calls herself 'Lue Mfobo' on social media is nothing but a slayqueen. She did not like being called a slayqueen or an unemployed person who is always available, which is why she told him that she does not need to be employed because she is running her own business. She also told him that he does not look like someone who should be concerned by her tweet because it is for people who can afford that kind of life.

Other men believe that a woman like Lue has got nothing to offer in a relationship. They also believe that a person like her has "slut*sh behaviour."

Someone told her that what she is asking for is not going to guarantee her a happy, peaceful and healthy relationship. They also think her goal is to get free food with different men. Men do not like the fact that women want happiness at the expense of men.


I believe that people tend to read too much into what they read in novels and watch movies. If a person is looking for happiness, they have to find love first. Love is not developed through how much someone spends on you, but it lives in our hearts and it comes naturally.

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