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Ladies beware off this guy

This afternoon when I logged on to my Facebook account I saw a post from another girl on my Facebook warning about a man's picture being used to lure girls into a trap. We are not sure what this guy intentions are and why he is posting this picture off this other guy pretending to be him. All we know is he using this guys picture as you can see below. We don't know the name off that person. We only know him by his face. If someone knows the guy above tell him his photo is being used under false pretense by another guy to lure girls for some sinister reason.

I The person who is luring the girls he is using the following number 0845471660. When someone calls the phone number on True Caller it is a guy named Lebohang Ngoako answering the phone. My concern is why is the person posting someone else picture online and making it appear as if it is him in the picture? Is he trying to rape women, kidnap them, murder them or what could it be? Something is really going on as one one can see this is very suspicious behavior happening here. Also apparently you must be aware off a Red Bmw Car. The people don't know where he got the women's number, but would like to know how he got it. Ladies please don't just give your numbers to anyone and please don't post your numbers online either. Be safe and keep yourself protected. The world is crual out there.

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