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She Was Sleeping With Her Mother's Boyfriend And This Happened (read chats)

Dating my girlfriend who additionally doubles as the mother of my 1 and only son,There was this one-time few months back where she lost her father and as time went on her mother had to find some other man which she did,So when she did,My girl used to be clearly in opposition to the idea of her mother having another man. So with me being one of the closest person's to her. Her mom approached me and asked me to strive to see if I can convince her to receive that it was a right for her mom to see a new man because her father is no longer coming back again.

So I did precisely what her mom requested me to, and though she appeared to not even take my recommendation at the first few days, I gave her time and she eventually made peace with their relationship as weeks went by. However after she decided to let go of being her mom's new man's hater and a hater of that relationship,She became very close to the man within a short space of time in a way that I found it very curious because I just kept wondering what happened which made her change her mind that fast.

So I got the idea that maybe I should ask her about their father and daughter relationship, but then again something just told me I shouldn't, I must just go thru their chats to see what they be talking about considering that I discovered that they additionally speak even on social media,So I onetime reached for her phone and went straight to their WhatsApp chats and this is I saw.Read the chats below

I trully did not know that she was even pregnant but looking at her chats with the stepdad she is pronouncing so and even gave proof of it meaning that the pregnancy is not mine however his. Thier bond was once not simply a daughter and father bond, there was once greater to it as you can see from the chats above.

So some now I have not made any confrontations or whatsoever yet,I am still here trying to figure out what could be the right approach to this kind of situation.According to your perspectives a readers which step is the right one to take when things are this way? Do I tell her mom about this now or I simply wait for them to attempt to pin it on me first? Leave some feedback below.

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