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Husband and wife relationship

After my husband passed away, I met another man and slept with him for 6 hours


"After my husband passed away, I met another man and slept with him for 6 hours without realizing he was HIV positive."

After her husband died, Doreen Muthoni slept with another guy for six hours before realizing he was HIV positive, according to the late Doreen Muthoni.

Doreen says she had to leave her first marriage because her husband became excessively irascible after their child was born.

Her first husband died in an accident before she was even pregnant with her second kid, and when they married and moved to Mombasa, her younger brother inherited her as his wife.

Doreen states that after her in-laws harassed her after she gave birth, she escaped to Kiambu county with her children.

She met a man in Kiambu who slept with her for six hours before she realized he was HIV-positive and Aids-positive.

They claim he asked her to go for a checkup after she departed, but she is grateful she didn't have any health problems and was treated.

She now performs gospel music after working in the oil business in Saudi Arabia for the past four years, and she credits God with opening many doors for her and her mother, who has been caring for her children during her absence.

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