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Top Reasons Why Most Handsome Men And Beautiful Ladies Are Single|Opinion

It is common knowledge that most men are visually oriented when choosing women. Well, that may not be the case, because beauty may not be the only criterion in choosing a woman. girls, have you ever got to a point where most men will congratulate you, but very few take the next step to propose?

Have you also noticed that less beautiful girls get more attention from their friends while you are on your own ?. This article is designed to help you regain your confidence and understand why. Men neglect beautiful women because they believe in the back of their minds that if they are shot, there is a high likelihood of an adverse reaction.

This is because most men fear the embarrassment that sometimes occurs when approaching a girl who is not their type. Rejections feel bad to everyone, so most men only suggest one attractive girl and are sure they will say yes. The mainstream media has also made things worse by showing women who describe themselves as beautiful but portray themselves as villains. Also, a man who has been uncomfortable with women in the past would be intimidated by the prospect of approaching a beautiful woman.

My advice to any girl who is struggling to get men to approach her is to develop a good style that appeals to men. This includes crucial secrets like smiling with the confidence that exudes within you, but also that you don't pretend it doesn't last long. When you meet a charming man who loves you and doesn't want to leave you he is a real gem worth investing your time in.

However, if you want to be different from the rest, start working on your self esteem. Believe in yourself.


You don't have to fear, fear, because fear don't fear you.

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