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Husband and wife relationship

Women, Don't Ever Do These 4 Things To Your Husband Just Because You Are Pregnant

When they are expecting a child, some ladies have developed the tendency of making their husband's life a living hell. They have a tendency to take out all of their frustration and fury on their spouse since they know they will not be reprimanded in such circumstances. Consequently, they do whatever they want, whenever they want, without regard to how their spouse might feel about them.

Whatever level of agony you are experiencing, letting your husband endure the same or greater level of pain will never be a solution since any nice and loving spouse would want to assist you in carrying the pregnancy if at all feasible.

Yes, pregnant women may be governed by their emotions and the hormones rushing through their systems at times, but your spouse should be someone who helps you get through those ordeals rather than someone whom you should place the responsibility for your life's difficulties onto him.

Continue to treat him with dignity despite the fact that he is suffering, and you will see him carry you like a valuable pearl.

Now, here are some things you should never do to your spouse when you are expecting a child.


Your spouse may intentionally or unintentionally offend or annoy you; but, please attempt to communicate with him and refrain from damaging his personal property at home, which is also accessible for your convenience.

You will not be pregnant for an indefinite period of time, and when you go to bed and look at the things you have destroyed, it will ache and haunt you for a long period of time after that. Those items you are destroying in order to get even with him were purchased with his hard-earned money, and it would be really foolish of you to destroy them.


For the second time, do not instill in him the habit of waking him up at all hours of the night to seek a meal or snacks that are nearly difficult to get at that time of the day and night.

What if he goes out into the dark only to make you happy and ends up being assaulted, robbed, or worse, murdered; would that make you happy as well?

Simply wait till the sun comes up, or make due with what you have at home until the sun comes up, or make every effort to have those things you want accessible before evening.


Also, while you are pregnant, avoid being very picky about what you eat. When some women are expecting a child, they will instruct their husband to get one item for them, but when he does so, they will reject it and seek another item instead. They will continue to do this because they believe it is entertaining or acceptable, without recognizing that it is disheartening.

This kind of behavior might steadily drive a guy to his death before his natural time to depart this earth. Please, refrain from doing so unless you wish to be a single parent to your kid. It has also been known to cause a guy to abandon his wife.


In the event that you are pregnant as a woman, do not force your husband to pick between you and his parents and siblings.

Make no attempt to emotionally blackmail him with the notion that you are carrying his child and as a result, he must do whatever you ask and desire for.

If you continue down that route, you may end up losing him, and you will be the one to blame for it.

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