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Divorce Affair

Because a man wanted to do this with a younger lady, Man offers his wife ₵740,500 to divorce him.

Because a guy want to do this with a younger lady, he offered his wife a sum of 740,500 in exchange for her divorce.

A guy gives his wife N50 million (N740,500) in exchange for her consent to divorce him so that he may marry a younger lady.

A Nigerian guy is seeking assistance on the internet in order to cope with a critical marital issue that has arisen.

It has been reported that a 38-year-old nameless guy want to divorce his wife of six years because he has fallen in love with someone else who is younger.

He said in a series of screenshots that he married his wife out of pity rather than because he loves her, and that she is well aware of this.

As an additional measure to repel her, he admitted that he began cheating indiscriminately, which he rubbed in her face, but she remained steadfast in her refusal to leave him.

Aside from that, the man goes on to say that seeing this younger and fresher-looking girl in her 20s has made him more than eager to leave his wife.

See the man's complete narrative through the SOURCE, which he sent to a relationship specialist in the hopes of receiving appropriate advice on what he should do going forward.



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