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Do to him what you want him to do to you

As women we expect our man to sweep us of our feet, we want them to make our Cinderella story a dream come true. We watch chick flicks and expect what we saw to come to pass. Yes as women we deserve to be pampered, we deserve all the attention and most of all we deserve diamonds.

There's a saying that says " it takes two to tango" this quote simply means that what you do on the left , you also have to do it on the right to balance the equation.

As much as you love to be pampered ,as much as you love gifts your man also needs to be showered with gifts. Don't wait for a special occasion or a specific day to buy a gift, celebrate your love everyday.

Gift giving is one of the things that keep that spark in your relationship. So stop wasting your time being angry at him saying he does not buy you anything and challenge your man with a nice gift. Remember you reap what you sow. If you keep sowing a seed of selfishness in your relationship then expect to receive the same.

We are no longer living in the olden days where man are the only ones allowed to buy gifts for their woman. Your man needs a little something every once in a while. Show him your appreciation with a little gift.

Let's go spoil our loved ones while we still can.

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