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Men, 6 Signs A Girl Wants You For Herself

A female who genuinely cares about you would go to great lengths to capture your interest. It's easy to tell whether a girl has feelings for you because she will begin to show you indicators that she has feelings for you.

Take note of these six telltale indicators that she wants you to pay attention to her.

The girl is always well-dressed. As long as she's around you, the girl will put effort into looking her best and wearing nice clothes to try to get your attention. If a female doesn't want you to notice her, she won't make an effort to appear her best in your presence.

When she makes a show of needing your assistance in some way. In order for a female to get more interested in you, she will begin to ask you for assistance with tasks that she can perform on her own. It's possible she'll even ask you to help with your phone charger if she thinks it'll give her some time alone to talk to you.

When she manages to get your attention. It doesn't matter if you answer her question or not; she'd ask you anything to get your attention. It is because she wants you to take an interest in her that she will want to spend more time with you in the future.

The fact that she's always there. If she keeps her gaze fixed on you, she's trying to get your attention. You'll notice that she's either with you all the time or that she never appears to be far away.

There are a lot of little things she does that make you like her more. If she knows you enjoy something, she'll make an effort to find it out, and if she doesn't, she won't.

Six. She does not wish to be in the company of other females. Because she wants your attention, she may scare other women away from you.

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