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Opinion: Blessing Okoro tells women that it is their fault if their man is a two-minute man (Video).

Opinion: Blessing Okoro tells women that it is their fault if their man is a two-minute man (Video).

Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert, and a sex therapist noted that if her husband doesn't last long in bed, it is a woman's fault.

The main reason for a man not being long during sex is that his wife is too sweet.

Blessing, who explained this in her video on their Instagram page, noted

She says that it might not be a long time during lovemaking that is necessarily associated with medical or health concerns but with the fault of his wife, because when she is too sweet it is hard for her to control herself.

"You don't have to always blame your man as a 2-minute man, in her words. Yeah.

most times, because you're too sweet, that's your fault. The man can't control his urge if a woman is too sweet.

This happens following Blessing Okoro's Instagram page to reach the women doing housework for their lovers.

Blessing said it doesn't make them woman's material by choosing to cook, clean, or wash for a man.

She said that women should concentrate on developing instead of doing all this because marriage is for companionship rather than slavery.

Women should, in her opinion, focus on empowerment in order to not be overwhelmed by their relationships.

Women are also the reason why males use and dump it because they fear self-development.

In her words:

"Dear women, cooking and housework don't make you wife, it's going to develop yourself, you're housework, you're cooking for him, you're washing for him, you don't become wife because you're all busybodies.

"Marriage is not slavery, marriage is fellowship and you must learn how to communicate when you are accompanied by somebody.

You women have turned many men into slaves since many of you women are sacred for self-development.

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Blessing Okoro A Relationship Expert

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