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Husband and wife relationship

Video Of Women Praying For Their Husbands Against Side Chicks Hits Online

A pastor has been seen in a video circulating on social media ordering his church to pray for their husbands against'side chicks.' Though most guys love to date'side chicks' in addition to their wives, many people may opt against it because it is a waste of money. 

Women can be seen praying earnestly to their spouses in the video circulating on social media in order to avoid falling into the hands of'side chicks.' The preacher, who can be seen in the video, instructed the women to kiss their husbands as a symbol of affection. 

Nobody knows what motivates him to act in this manner. However, it appears that he was canceling their classes on how to keep their husbands in order to avoid losing them. But the fundamental question is whether or not this method of praying is effective. Please let us know what you think in the comments box below, and don't forget to tell your friends.

Please follow the link below to watch the video

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