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Husband and wife relationship

"I Looked For HIV Positive Man To Infect Me Because Of This ", Lady Narrates

A single mother of two children, Pauline Wangui, has sadly recounted how she searched for an HIV positive guy to infect with the virus so that she might die when her husband abandoned her and married another woman.

According to Pauline, she has been rejected since she was a young girl in her family. Her parents were abusive to her, and as a result, she dropped out of school.

She began working as a housekeeper, where she met her future husband and fell in love with him immediately. Pauline accepted her husband's proposal to marry him because no one in her family had any feelings for her at the time.

She was content in the beginning of their marriage because her husband provided excellent care for her, despite the fact that her mother in law was opposed to their union.

Everything changed after she became pregnant; her husband began to beat her, but she tolerated it because she did not want to return to her parents' home. Eventually, she was chased away and had no alternative but to return to her parents' house.

Her parents were quite enraged at her for the way they had abused her, and she made the decision to return to her husband. After she became pregnant with their second child, she was subjected to more beatings.

Unlike the previous incident, she was never chased away; instead, her husband removed all of the household things and abandoned her in an empty house.

And he even opened himself to her, telling her that he had already fallen in love with another woman and that he had made the decision to settle with her. Pauline attempted suicide several times as a result of being rejected, but she was unsuccessful each time.

Even after all of her suicide attempts had failed, she sought out an HIV positive male to infect with the virus so that she might die as a result of the infection.


Her plan did not work out, and she believes that it was at this point that she made the decision to move on with her life. Pauline has counseled young women to always break out from unhealthy marriages if they have the opportunity.


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