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Shocking ||Woman Drinks Her Own Menstrual Blood Because It Has ‘Healing Powers’

When it comes to the internet, you see and hear all sorts of weird things. One is that a woman drinks her own menstrual blood — and no, we didn't form such. Mother of One Revealed Drinking Menstrual Blood Has Secret "Healing Properties".

Jasmine Alicia Carter, 30 years old, embarrassed thousands of people after revealing she had been drinking her own menstrual blood. The young mother said she drank the monthly blood show because there was a healing power that had changed her life.

According to Alicia, who lives in Barcelona, ​​using blood for coloring and as a face mask has greatly improved her mental and physical health.

The Daily Mail reports that Alicia is a chaste female empowerment mentor who helps other women "understand and reclaim the chastity inherent throughout their menstrual cycle".

"Understanding and recovering from menstruation has given me a new appreciation of myself and women," she said, according to the publication.

She went on to explain that blood contains a number of nutrients that are pure medicine, which is why women should be famous rather than humiliated by companies trying to hide its rich aroma.

It is rich in protein, iron, copper, selenium, which many women lack. It contains regenerative stem cells and has antimicrobial and detoxifying properties.

“Your menstrual blood is pure medicine. If you can collect menstrual blood, there's a lot you can do with it and how it can benefit your health and well-being.

She later explained that she collected the blood by crouching over the toilet and dropping it into a glass, from which she immediately drank. She also said that not everyone should drink their menstrual blood, especially if they are not healthy.

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