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JusticeForLufuno: "You Chose R5 Over Life," Says A Man To Candy Who Bullied Lufuno.

Someone shared a very sad and touching message regarding the death of Lufuno, he said he does not think those who influenced the fight will see heaven “Mudovheni” some were smiling being excited that her soul is broken but only God knows.

He further went on to say sometimes you might think friends are real out there but everyone is fake, out of all her friends none of them even cared to help her as a friend.

He further went on to say this to the bully “Darlene Candy, I hope if you get this post you will learn to never impress friends because you’ll deal with the consequences alone, and those you impressed wont be closer anymore. The bully chose R5 over her life, didn’t you know blood is thicker than water. This girl really tried her best to prove herself to people and act all bossy not realising that her actions would lead to the worst, and funny enough it does not look like she was affected by any of this, but this is planet earth so life will catch up with her.

In that suicidal not the victim mentioned that this goal made her to take her life must take care of her mother, and she also mentioned that she is not resting in peace because she was forced to take her life by this cruel act and embarrassment that she had to face after being embarrassed like that on social media.

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Darlene Lufuno


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