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Photos That Couldn't Be More Perfectly Timed.

Also, no great secret is that Wikipedia has seen many forms of vandalism ( it's true, :-) could result in :-( ). Because Wikipedia lets people freely edit sources, occasionally, an edit falls into both categories: it is vandalism, needing to be reverted, but it is also creative, and some Wikipedians find it entertaining. For many years, the bits of vandalism and/or fun that struck people's fancy were kept here on a page called "Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense" (BJAODN). In fact, it was one of the oldest pages on Wikipedia, having been created on January 26, 2001.

Photography can help capture the perfect moment photographers want to remember, and maybe sometimes more perfect than what they have expected.

1.Pulling a Paparazzi Shot On a Paparazzi.

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-015.jpg2. The Pefect Angle.

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-020.jpg3. A sink draining that looks like an eye.

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-03.jpg4. A girl hugging his boyfriend behind.

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-04.jpg5. Swimmer Water

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-05.jpg6. The wind blows in the wrong direction and the priest can't help but look.

20-photos-that-couldnt-be-more-perfectly-timed-016.jpg7. Is it a two-headed lady? Or are they just good at synchronisation?


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