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9 Annoying Things That Some Men Do That Irritates Women.

The number of things that guys do is so many that we can't quite tell if you are doing your hardest to annoy us or if you were innocent and didn't mean it.

Here is a list of some of the obnoxious things that guys do that make us want to punch them in the face.

1. Leaving the toilet seat up, or even worse, peeing on it, and then scream my lungs out as I get to my feet.

2. Failure to properly fold or hang the clothing. Putting clothing away wrongly interferes with the zen-like atmosphere I'm attempting to establish in my room.

3. Placing food back in the refrigerator without covering the container or putting leftovers on a dish to save space. Really?

Cleaning up after oneself by leaving soiled clothing on top of the laundry basket rather than opening it and dropping them inside Why?

5. Taking over the television remote control when we are viewing a movie. This is something that literally every male I've seen does. We've had enough of it, fellas.

6. Not helping around the house.

7. Leaving the toothpaste cap open, or even worse, leaving toothpaste on the sink without wiping it off, is not recommended.

8. Playing video game without control.

Many different factors influence people's decision to play video games. Video games may be a wonderful stress reliever since they allow one to escape from their daily life and enter another, more intriguing world to play in. A challenge can provide an opportunity for personal growth, and a sense of success when the task is completed. In addition, they can be social, allowing players to connect with one another through the game. The reason that games are such a popular source of entertainment is that, to put it plainly, they are just darn entertaining. However, when done out of control, it annoys the majority of females.

9. Scattering socks and boxers all over the place. This is considered littering, and it is against the law. Please make a point of picking up after your unkempt self.

What other obnoxious behaviors have you witnessed guys engage in? Please share your list with us in the comments area so that we can educate others on your list. Thank you.

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