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10 Ways to make your girlfriend feel special in bed

1.Look into her eyes


"Do this during any séxual act and it'll create a connection and lead them to experience something unique."


2. Don't preserve the lower back. 


You don't have to mention anything; simply breathing heavily and moaning barely can force a female wild and make them feel like they may be pleasuring you nicely. They love it while you understand that what they're doing makes you experience properly, so let them know. "


3. Be assertive (but only to a point!)


"A lot of girls like to be dominated in bed." "Push her round, inform her what to do; essentially manipulate her whilst you're having intercourse with her."


But be gentle at times, too.


"While being hard and aggressive is a great tip, letting up and being mild once in a while can almost spice things up."


Let her be at the pinnacle: 


"This can give her a feeling of control and empowerment." She can control all the delight experienced in séxual interest, and you can simply sit down again and allow it to appear. "


6. Always ensure she receives time off:


"If she has a hard time attending to the climax, simply keep going till she is finished." If you can, attempt to get her to complete it earlier than you do. That way, she feels virtually unique. "


7. Engage in oral intercourse with her without her consent.


"She will appreciate the gesture and this can result in top effects for you in return."


8. Shower her with compliments:


"Tell her how beautiful she is and how horny she is." Most ladies just like the confidence boost, and quite a few will also respect the fact that you get a bone just by kissing or looking at her.


9. Listen to her:


"When she asks for something or when she shows something, it makes her experience unique, particularly if you are willing to try something new along with her."


10. Play along with her body: "


Run your hands and tongue up and down her frame." This can turn on many girls and might, in reality, set the mood later. You don't have to rush straight into séx. Take it slow and enjoy the adventure; the destination may be higher for each of you.



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