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(OPINION) Meet The First Man Who Got Criticized For Getting Married To A 42-Year-Old Woman. (Photos)

(OPINION) Meet The First Man Who Got Criticized For Getting Married To A 42-Year-Old Woman


They say when you marry you get married to your best friend. It does not matter how beautiful or ugly the person is, as long as that person make you happy at all the time. It's pointless to get married to someone who does not love you or you don't love but to marry them because of the likes of people. We recently came across a Nigerian man popular known as Stan Nze who got numerous criticisms why because she choose to marry his beautiful wife.

Stan Nze is one of celebrities from Nigerian who have decided to marry his 42 years old woman. The couple love each other but people have criticized the age gapnbetween them. Stan Nze is Nigerian actor who is 32 years old. Despite loving each other people have criticized him for getting married to his wife and colleague, Blessing Jessica Obasi who is 42-Year-Old woman . We all know that the age differences in 10 but to not about age but it's about love that they share.

Popular Nollywood actor, Stan Nze has revealed it during his interview with BBC Pidgin that he has been receiving bad comment and criticism about the age gap between himself and his wife. It seems like people are only concern about their differences forgetting about their live and the storm they have come across.

It is important that before we open to talk about others relationships we have to think about own. We have to act as if it was our wedding thay is currently showing us flames. Age is just a number. It does not matter who is older than who. We have see many people getting married with their older people but never criticized. 

People need to start to mind their own affairs before they move to other groups members. I wish they can leave this couple alone and them give happy smile. We are happy to hear that the actor made a vowntbat he want to end the year without fighting with his wife. The way I like this woman that you got married to ehnnnn, I like watching her movie and your movie too and I was so happy when I saw your both picture as man and wife, deaf ear is the only key to something's in this our country Nigeria.

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