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Here's 3 December Mjolo Tips For Nobody But You (read this)

Looking back at where we have come from as a people of means to be within thus December month we have all been waiting for since earlier thus year, I bet you can also see that okay it has been a very tough year indeed, A lot has been lost while plenty has been gained at the time.

So now with all that being this way and this December month being that time wereby a lot of people loosen up all in the name of having fun and end up taking some bad decisions which comes and hunt them as time goes by, A lot of Mzansi people has through tweeter started sharing some tips regarding romantic relationships under the #December mjole tips.

What happens around this whole Decembermjolo tips is that people be out encouraging each other on what to avoid when coming to romantic relationships this Easter holiday, Refer to screenshots attached below to see what has been said about mjolo so far.

This one is very much simple and straightforward,People at this time of the year be looking for people to have fun with and nothing more than that,So now make yourself a favor and not catch feelings yet should u get someone now take the relationship as lite as possible to see if it will last past December or not then you gonna start thinking of catching feelings.

As good as going to groove with friends cars could be truth is some friends has tendencies of belittling people sending them to buy ice,Ordering them around and wanting to be heard too much since the car being used to groove is thiers,Observe your friends if they are this kind of friends let em be and use an Uber or something which you won't be bothered and called names.

Last but not least,Make sure you got plan b of whatever plans you have for the December month already because now with covid cases rapidly increasing this December might be another episode of the past one.So make sure you are prepared for everything and you already have all you need to have a blast one.

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