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Pastor: If A man approach you with no money, he will never give you true love.

[Video] A man who approaches you without having money would never be able to give you true love, according to a pastor addressing ladies.

A video that has gone viral shows a Man of God providing advice to women on how to deal with a man who does not have enough money or work while they are searching for a relationship with someone.

This type of man, according to the Man Of God, is preoccupied with love concerns, and because they have no job to perform, they prefer to sit down and say lovely things to the ladies they meet rather than working and earning money in the future.

It was reported that they were reading the advice at a church service; they were meeting Any man who does not work and does not have money, but pretends to love you in the future, will not be a sincere love for you in the long run. Their words matter to them, and yet they have nothing to say in response to their preoccupation with their own words.

Even if you have discovered a good guy, instead of allowing yourself to be used, tell him to work and get one of the autos that large men drive, and then carefully examine his life.

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