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Some ladies on social media may not get followed because they do not post nudes: Opinion

This young lady has tweeted something that may seem to be controversial, but at the same time it is something that is a true about the people on social media. If you want to see that people can comment if you want to see how much people can like your post, especially on pictures or videos, you need to post something that has got to do with an explicit content, that's when you will see that people love to see nudity.

It it is one of the most selling content on all social media platforms. The people that are doing it have gotten many followers besides businessmen that are involved in charity works.

So it is quite a world that we living in, it has lost it's moral values. All that people think about, are things that are attached to sex and immorality. There's no turning point for this world, only God knows what to do from here.

Thank you.

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