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If You Experience These 4 things After Separating From Your Ex, You Should Try And Go Back To Them

"An ex is not an enemy," as most people would always claim. When it comes to ex-relationship troubles, most people are overwhelmed by the events that lead to the breakup of their relationship. Even still, some people, despite being in a new relationship, nonetheless secretly yearn to reunite with their ex. 

Others, on the other hand, experience a shift in mood from "happy" to "sadness" if their ex is mentioned in a discussion, as a result of the events that led to their divorce. 

Meanwhile, because of their past and possibly because of the level of bond that existed between them when the relay came to an end, it is not surprising to see some people cheat on their current relationship with their former companion. 

However, going back to your ex is preferable to hurting your current relationship because of your ex. If you have had the following experiences in your current relationship, you should consider reconciling with him/her. 

1. If you still think about your ex when you're with your new partner after starting a new relationship, find a way to reconnect with him or her because that's where your heart is; otherwise, your thoughts wouldn't be occupied by him or her. 

2. If the long-time had $3x memory continues to show up even when you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend after starting a new relationship journey, make an effort to mend things with your ex so that you can be together again. 

3. Make-up with your ex if you still have an insatiable desire to spend time with him/her despite being in a new relationship. 

4 If the prospect of being with your ex makes you feel safer, more at ease, and complete than the person you're dating, find a way to be with them. 

Please, no matter how many advantages you have in your current relationship, if the memory of your ex cannot be eradicated after a lengthy period of separation, you need to really reconsider who you want to be with. 

If you can't live without your ex, regardless of why you split up, you must reconcile with your past; else, you won't be able to live in peace in the present. Nobody is exempt from their prior debts.

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