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Opinion: 5 Things you need to accept about the world

In this article, I am going to talk about the things you just need to accept about the world. These are the things you just cannot do anything to change. You just need to accept them as part of your life. These things are not pleasant to hear but you are going to encounter them.

1. Racism will never end

It was there since the beginning of time and it will always be there until the end of time. It doesn't matter if the president is black or white. Now granted, it is not the same as it used to be before, but the black man is still having it hard. A white man earns double what the black man is earning. It doesn't matter if the title of the job is the same. What matters is that your worth is judged based on the color of your skin.

2. Every woman is single

You can try to tie her down into a relationship but in her mind, she is still searching. She is searching for the best man she can attract. She would probably do that until she die. You may think that your girlfriend or wife is not like that because she is a Christian and you never caught her cheating. She is like that. Every woman is like that when she finds an irresistible man. It doesn't matter what her religion is, she can never get satisfied by one man. You as a man you cannot sleep with 10 women in just one day but she can. I'm not saying you should hate them but you just need to accept that they are how they are.

3. No politician is real

No politician is 100 percent real they are all hypocrites. They all think for themselves. No authentic leader can stay in the big mansion when there are people who are starving.

4. A degree means nothing

Decades ago, people respected you if you had a degree, but now things have changed. Now it's all about who you know than what you know. What matters the most is work experience than a piece of paper. Nothing is being thought in college is applicable in the real world. I know people who have degrees but are working for a minimum wage.

5. Crime will always be there

It doesn't matter how many people ate being sent to jail, crime will never be completely eliminated. It is even worse now that unemployment has skyrocketed.

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