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4 Common Attitudes Which Pushes Women Away

No one wants an unhealthy relationship, but sometimes the things you do can ruin a relationship. For example, women like men who take the lead, but maybe because you love your partner and don't want to argue with him, let him decide what happens at any time. You put them in the wrong position and it's not good for you or the relationship.

Meanwhile, here are five things that make women easily uninterested in some men.

1. Inability to lead and be the man. Women are genetically programmed to follow, not lead in relationships. If you put her in a leadership position and things don't go according to plan, she may not be able to handle the situation and it's responsibilities. This doesn't mean you have to be dominant, you just have to learn to be assertive. She will surely love you for it. Ask for their opinion, but make your decision carefully.

2. Aggressively chasing after them: Men are attracted to things that are hard to find. If you're a man of value, you don't have to chase after her until she shows an interest in you. Your actions show your level of desperation and desperation kills attraction. If she is not interested, don't go after her, just relax and she give you the deserved attention if she finds you attractive. Not that you have to give up, but don't be pushy.

3. Relationship stress: You can't force a woman to like you. Instead of stressing yourself out about a relationship, make it her friend if you can control your urges. When she is your close friend, she'll get the opportunity to see the positive side of you. If she becomes a friend, she will feel comfortable with you before starting a relationship. On the other hand, if you pressure her for a relationship from the start, she could easily push it away.

4. Being negative: What women want is fun, adventure and not unnecessary drama. If she notices that you are always negative, you can expect instant rejection. Try to stay positive even when the odds are against you and your chances are slim. Women like men who are confident and negativity will only exude a bad mood which most women cannot accept.

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