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Husband and wife relationship

I Found Hidden Money In My Husbands Safe - Cries Out Broke Wife|Fiction

Wife Cries out For finding money in her husbands safe.

Phomolo a lady that is 35 years of Age just got married to a rich man,this rich man promised to take care of her .

After they got married when the wife asks for money to buy certain things in the house ,the husband would always refuse and say that he has no money.

They have 2 children which 1 is in a private school and the other is still young .

He does not give the wife any money month end however he requires her to fulfill all her wife duties .

As she was spring cleaning one day she found a safe in the basement of the house ,the safe required a password and she did not hesitate and put her birthday because all his passwords were the same.

She found a lot of money hidden.

She cried out asking herself why this man hides so much money from her while she suffers.

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