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"This" is what makes your relationship fail

There are people who are in relationships and find that everything is fine but the relationship it fails, it is not because you have done something wrong but because you are walking with a dark shadow and it goes wrong.

The reason for that is that you are bewitched that you will not get married that is why every relationship you are in doesn't work.

Even if you work hard and everything goes well but because you are bewitched that you are followed by bad luck that is why the relationship you are in doesn't work.

you are put on a veil, because they put a veil on you, everything that you hold with your hands will be wasted, there is no reason for work, you will be bewitched by something dangerous.

I hate you if you are one of these people who are wasted by relationships in ways that are not understandable, I beg you to embark in Prayer and fasting this thing shall break and you will be in lasting peace in your relationship.

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