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Xhosa Traditional Weddings Are The Most Beautiful In South Africa - Opinion

The Xhosa are a Southern African Bantu ethnic group. They are from several tribes like as amaGcaleka, amaNdlambe, imiDushane, and others. In a traditional Xhosa wedding, two families, not simply two people, are united. So, what happens at a traditional Xhosa wedding?

'Ukuthwala' is the name given to the sentence. This is the stage in which a groom chooses a marriage partner and informs his family before approaching the bride's family. They'll discuss their preferences and come to an agreement before inviting the bride-to-be to spend the night with the groom's family. This is a manner of thanking the couple for their union.

In exchange for the woman's hand in marriage, the groom-to-be must pay the woman's family. Cattle used to be used as payment, but nowadays people prefer cash. The amount is usually bigger and dependent on the bride-to-accomplishments be's if she is better educated.

The event will take place over two day

The celebrations often last two days and feature a lot of singing and dancing

To the pavements

The newlyweds are planning a night out. They'll take a stroll down the block together to introduce themselves to their new neighbors.

This weekend, there are two weddings

Although not every couple had two weddings, many do. They can have both a traditional and a modern "white" wedding.

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