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I Dumped My Pretoria Girlfreind And She Started Threatening Me By Sending This (read chats)

Despite the fact that terciary instuitions of learning were intended to be only a spot to learn and just that.Like numerous other young men when I was at montage I got drawn in by a specific young lady and I proposed tgat we began a relationship which she agreed.So being involved with her for the beyond 5-6 years with her was only extraordinary since she additionally served as a mother of our child anyway all that took another turn at some point early a year ago. 

I have been having been having some doubts about the relationship with her and arranging of finishing it for the beyond 2 years. In any case, the main part that prevented me from doing as such was the possibility that we shared a youngster together and I sincerely don't have any desire to be a missing father.So now that simply just prevented me from saying a final farewell to her yet I actually went out and get one more sweetheart without her insight. 

Anyway it seems like doing as such was not an extraordinary move at for my other young lady has been out in full power pushing me to dump my child mother, or she leaves,Well despite the fact that I would not like to do it being given a final offer like that I understood that I was left without a decision yet to simply do it.When I attempted to dump her this is the thing that went down,Read the screen captures joined beneath 

As you can see from our visits not really set in stone to fend off my choice and deciding by what her and her cousin are holding it appears as though she is ready for anything which I feel like it is currently bad or safe for my new girlfriend,I am really even apprehensive if posting her for I dread that in the event that she knows am seeing her she may attempt to hurt her fair to get her off me. 

With things being like this in case you were the one in this sort if circumstance how might you deal with hence matter? Kindly leave a few remarks beneath.


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