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Wedding planning scene

At a wedding reception, the groom abandons his wife and grinds his ex backside.

During their reception, a groom decided to ignore his newly married wife by having to hold the behind of another woman. When his gaze fell on a woman dancing so nearby to him, this man couldn't resist the temptation.

The shacking of the woman's behind, along with her dance maneuvers, gave the man every excuse to abandon his bride, rise from his chair, and grasp the backside with great strength, and the viral video depicts a man who was actually having fun at the cost of his wedding wife. The bride's facial expression revealed her unhappiness with the groom's performance. The dancing lady is said to be the young man's old girlfriend, whom he left and married to someone else.

As a result, he resolved to grind her in order to put an end to any suspicions that he and his ex were having an affair. That was also his method of bidding his ex-girlfriend farewell. While the music played, his army pals applauded him as he gripped, cuddled, and stroked the lady's behind. A wedding celebration in which the groom and bride were meant to be the center of attraction took a dramatic turn.

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