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15 deep questions to ask ur boyfriend /girlfriend

One of the ways to test intellectual compatibility is to ask deep questions ask ur bf/ gf deep questions means u are essentially seeing how well he keeps up with important news , to learn his views on controversial topics ,and to just see wht subject stimulate him the most ,, if u re looking for some deep questions to ask ur bf/gf here's a bunch !

1. If u could have chosen ur own name why would u have picked ?

2. If u become femous ,would u enjoy the limelight or miss ur privacy?

3. Would u sacrifice urself for a stranger?

4.if u had three wishes ,what would they be?

5. If u only have one week to live ,what are something's u would do?

6.if a family member needed a kidney ,and u are the only match ,would u give one up?

7. If u could fix one problem ,what would that be?

8.if u could live in any era ,, which would it be. And why?

9.if someone calls me something horrible ,do u let me fight my own battle or jump in and defend me ?

10. If ur home us on fire and u only had time to grab three things , what would they be?

11. If u have $300 to spend on something special just for me , what would u buy?

12. If u could live anywhere ,where would u live?

13. When things break ,do u prefer to fix them or replace them ? do u deal with failure?

15. If I went missing and my body have never been recovered ,would u move on or devote ur life to look for me ?, if u didn't move on ,how long can u wait ?

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