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" How do you just chill when someone is hurting or disrespecting your woman ?"

A young girl by the Twitter handle of @Crystalzii took to Twitter to share that she will never be involved with someone who will never stand up for her .

Many women believe its the man 's responsibility to protect / defend / stand for you at all times when things go south for you . Tbey believe it does not matter whether it's them who started the fight or not , all they want is a man who is born ready to protect them at all costs . A man who will take a bullet for them .

" I don't think i could ever be with a man that doesn't stand up for me . How do you just " chill " when someone is disrespecting or hurting your woman ? Yho " Says @Crystalziii

Men did not like this and had to disagree with this young woman , as they believe women like provoking other people and start unnecessary fights just so that their boyfriends can defend or fight for them .

"Imagine having a disrespectful woman who rude and swearing at other people , starting fights with everyone and you should be the one fighting her battles in the name of love shame . Umntu wakho that has respect uzomlalwela for sure with being told . " @titu_siphumeze

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